O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Transfiguration of Humanity


Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ
Why is this feast so important? On Mt. Tabor, we see the perfection of humanity in Christ. We see the perfect humanity we will have if we attain perfect union with God, a union that we start and constantly work on in this life, but is only ever perfected when we reach Heaven. Since Christ is both human and Divine by nature, He has a perfected humanity by design, since He is a human perfectly joined to God by virtue of His incarnation, where as a Divine Being, he became a human being in full, without giving up His Divinity. He became the perfect man and revealed that He is so in the Transfiguration on Tabor, showing that this humanity, always manifest to His apostles, is in fact a perfected humanity, since it is perfectly united to God. This both strengthen the apostles in advance of the passion with the knowledge that Christ truly is God and thus will survive death and also shows us the perfected humanity we will have if we attain perfect union with God, a union attained by an ongoing process of sacrifice and self-control throughout your life, leaving the pleasures of this life for the tranquility and inner peace found in God. It is a process in which we progress throughout life, but is only complete in Heaven, for only there are we ever free from the passions and pleasures and selfishness of this world. This is the process of our salvation, the ongoing process of our sanctification throughout life that is only perfected or completed when we reach Heaven, and we see the end goal of our salvation, possessing a perfected humanity, in Christ's Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor.