O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Sacrifice of the Bridegroom Because of Free Will

Today we celebrate the Passion of Christ more vividly than the other days of the year. We do so with an air of appreciation and awe, aspiring to live the same Divine Love, as well as Christ lived it. He is the Christ, the One "anointed" with the Holy Ghost, with Divine Love, and we are called to be icons of Him to the people He puts around us.

So many of the hymns today speak of the wondrous things that Christ did for His beloved, only to be tortured and killed by them. Such is the life of the Bridegroom. He gave his bride blessings, only to receive curses. He wanted her to have a wedding crown from him, but she gave him a crown of thorns and crowned herself with sin. He wanted her to live her life with him and worked to prepare a place for her, but she ran away like the prodigal.

All this because she has free will and he refuses to trample on that. He continues to live his sacrifice for her regardless of what she does. He, as bridegroom, gives himself to give Divine Love that proceeds from the Father to her and her to the Father. That is the sacrifice he is called to live. No matter how holy or unholy she is, this sacrifice is always needed. She cannot become holy without it and she cannot remain holy without it. She needs this sacrificial love constantly, more than air itself. Such is the life of the soul. As we heard in the first Passion Gospel, apart from Christ, we can do nothing.

This sacrifice of his is not for nothing. While it is bitter and unbearable while she rejects him for her life of sin, his endurance of this suffering is the sacrifice by which she is healed and restored to the purity she had before. The third day always follow with the resurrection. Divine Love is the Immortal. The sacrifice of Christ is efficacious because He survives death. He is victorious because He survives death. For as long as we endure in this sacrifice, seeing the Passion of Christ in our own suffering, we will survive and be victorious, for this Love expressed so perfectly on the Cross is the Immortal Love.