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Monday, January 19, 2015

A 23rd Eastern Catholic Church has been created: the Eritrean Catholic Church

Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Joseph in Asmara.

This morning Pope Francis approved the granting of autonomy to the eparchies of the Ethiopian Catholic Church in Eritrea, thus recognizing the Eritrean Catholic Church as a self-governing Oriental Catholic Church. This brings the number of particular Catholic Churches in the Alexandrian Tradition to three, with the Ethiopian Catholic and Coptic Catholic Churches; the number of Oriental Catholic Churches (i.e. those of the Alexandrian and Antiochean Traditions) to nine; and the overall number of Eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches to 23.

The Eritrean Catholic Church (like it's parent Church in Ethiopia) has Metropolitan status, with the Metropolis centered in Asmara and eparchies in Barentu, Keren, Segheneity. These four eparchies were formerly a part of the Ethiopian Church under the Metropolitan of Addis Abeba. Now the Eparch of Asmara has been promoted to Metropolitan, having in his metropolis the other three eparchies in Eritrea, with all this gaining the approval of Rome this morning. 

Mnohaya i blahaya lita!