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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pope Pius XII's Advice to Couples

Dear Newlyweds is an anthology of Pope Pius XII’s addresses at his audiences with newly married couples. In these audiences, he regularly addresses the couples as “Dear newlyweds” and gives them advice on some aspect of married life. His Holiness was not concerned with the couples’ worldly pursuits, but of building up a family that works for the salvation of it’s members.

Each address is short, several minutes long, each speaking on a different aspect of marriage, which is the sacrifice of yourself to save your spouse, a reality around which His Holiness’s messages revolve. The addresses are taken from throughout his reign and are arranged, not by date, but by topic, which allows for easier reading. That lets the reader make organized progress through different aspects of marriage and makes it easier to find a particular topic.

This is a great book for couples, as they can read only one or several addresses at a time as opposed to reading a long treatise. This book is great for all couples, from dating couples aspiring to marriage to couples married for many years, since the addresses speak on the different attitudes and works needed for a successful marriage, a success which is not something measured in terms of earthly affairs. Success in marriage is found in responding to God’s Love, which manifests Itself to the couple through each other, through a sacrifice of self to bring each other to Heaven. That sacrifice, that love, is the environment in which God wills to create new life-lives that are entrusted to the couple for them to teach those children to love God the same way that God loved the couple. This reality about marriage is exactly what the Church teaches and exactly what Pope Pius instills in couples in these messages.

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