O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Bearer of Divine Love

Today appears the voice of the Word, the best man of the Bridegroom, the candle bearing the Flame of the Holy Ghost. He comes crying out with fire in his voice proclaiming the Love of Christ the Bridegroom that sinners might repent and return to the Bridegroom. He rejects the passions of the flesh to make the flesh serve Divine Love that the world might be returned to the Bridegroom and repose in His Love.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Truth and Divine Love with His Saints

As we saw last Sunday when the fullness of the Undivided Trinity was revealed at Pentecost, the life of the Trinity is the exchange of Divine Love. It is a life of perfect eros and perfect agape; a perfect desire for your beloved and a perfect giving of yourself to your beloved. It is a two-motion act like the beating of a heart; each person perfectly giving himself to the other and perfectly receiving the other.

This is the life of God the Father and God the Son. The Holy Ghost is the Divine Love that binds them together in one Being. The Holy Ghost is the love that binds Father and Son, Christ the Bridegroom and His Bride the Church, and an earthly bridegroom and bride. Everyone is called to participate in the marriage between Christ and His Bride. Only some are called to marriage. Marriage is a reproductive participation in the exchange of Divine Love. Divine Love is the Holy Ghost. Everything else called "marriage" is a lie and a false idol.

Just to participate in the exchange of Divine Love, you must be free from sin and completely reserved for Divine Love. To have any sin is hypocrisy for one who wishes to live in Divine Love. You must be completely reserved for Divine Love. As St. Paul tells the Corinthians, sinners "eat and drink judgement on themselves" (1 Cor 11:29) when they dry to participate in the Divine Life without removing their sins from them. The saints are those who already removed sin from themselves and reserved themselves for Divine Love. They have entered into Divine Love in the union of Christ and His Bride. Despite having sinned, they have washed themselves clean in the Blood of the Lamb and returned themselves to purity; returned to keeping vigil with the wise virgins for the Bridegroom. Let us imitate them and implore their aid for this is the only path to salvation, for there is only one God.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Today We Worship the Fire of Divine Love

Today we celebrate the Feast of Divine Love, the feast of the Divine Fire that comes from Heaven, the Divine Fire that burns the sins of the sinner and removes them from existence, no longer marring her past. Today we feast the Divine Fire that warms the hearts of the faithful, weary from fighting against the sinfulness of the world. Today we celebrate the manifestation of the fullness of the Life-giving Trinity, for the Holy Ghost is the Divine Love that unites the Father and the Son and He also joins Christ the Bridegroom with His Bride the Church and also bridegroom and bride and as the Life-giver gives them children. Divine Love enables with speech those who give themselves to Him to proclaim the Truth of Divine Love and expose the lies of Cosmos, who seeks the ruin of souls, for the Divine Fire comes to us today as a Champion to illumine the world through His servants.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pope Pius XII's Advice to Couples

Dear Newlyweds is an anthology of Pope Pius XII’s addresses at his audiences with newly married couples. In these audiences, he regularly addresses the couples as “Dear newlyweds” and gives them advice on some aspect of married life. His Holiness was not concerned with the couples’ worldly pursuits, but of building up a family that works for the salvation of it’s members.

Each address is short, several minutes long, each speaking on a different aspect of marriage, which is the sacrifice of yourself to save your spouse, a reality around which His Holiness’s messages revolve. The addresses are taken from throughout his reign and are arranged, not by date, but by topic, which allows for easier reading. That lets the reader make organized progress through different aspects of marriage and makes it easier to find a particular topic.

This is a great book for couples, as they can read only one or several addresses at a time as opposed to reading a long treatise. This book is great for all couples, from dating couples aspiring to marriage to couples married for many years, since the addresses speak on the different attitudes and works needed for a successful marriage, a success which is not something measured in terms of earthly affairs. Success in marriage is found in responding to God’s Love, which manifests Itself to the couple through each other, through a sacrifice of self to bring each other to Heaven. That sacrifice, that love, is the environment in which God wills to create new life-lives that are entrusted to the couple for them to teach those children to love God the same way that God loved the couple. This reality about marriage is exactly what the Church teaches and exactly what Pope Pius instills in couples in these messages.

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