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Friday, April 11, 2014

Why the World is Exactly 7,522 Years Old

On Facebook, I recently came across a very interesting and theologically sound argument. It says that many Christians, who call themselves faithful, believe that the universe must logically have taken billions of years to form with the "Big Bang", and "evolution", etc.-just as a result of straightforward scientific observation. Now, these same people will just as readily believe that the miracle of the water into wine at Cana is still true regardless of what science ever thinks of it, because that wine was created by God, in a complete and total self-contradiction.

In only one instant, Christ turned water into a wine of such quality that it would have required decades to mature to that quality and also generations of soil-tilling and vine-pruning before that to even produce grapes of a sufficient quality for such a wine. All that God performed in a single instant. Not a length of time that "seemed like" an instant, but an instant. In only one instant God created a perfectly matured wine that required a vineyard perfected over countless generations and further decades of maturation. If God can create such a wine in such a manner, than He can create in an instant an entire universe that should take billions of years to form...or He can go slowly and take six days instead of an instant.

By one miracle at Cana, Christ undermines all science regarding the origins of the universe and the origins of humanity and proves such scientific findings to be mere superficial observations of researchers. How many times in the hymns of our Byzantine services do we praise the words of uneducated apostles for silencing the eloquence of orators and educated philosophers?

We humans do not have monkey brains, we have dirt clod brains and whoever thinks we have monkey brains really does have a dirt clod brain.

PS: How do we get the 7,522 year old age? The Julian Calendar uses Anno Mundi (AM) with September 1st chosen to represent the beginning of the year and of the whole calendar (as opposed to the Gregorian Calendar which uses BC & AD and begins on January 1st). Thus, on the Julian Calendar, the first day of creation was Sunday, September 1st, AM 1 and today's date is Friday, March 29th, AM 7522, with today's Gregorian date being Friday, April 11th, AD 2014.

Glory to God who shames orators.