O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Harmless is a Threat to the Sinner in His Vice

When Christ came to lift us out of sin, which we delusionally ran after, and join us to the Divine Love-for which we were created in the first place-he didn't come as a great intimidating warrior. Divine Love doesn't force itself on anyone. God doesn't need us. He already existed before us regardless of whether we accept Him or not. The fact that we were all created for Divine Love yet, living a lie, ran off into sin is a testament to the fact that Divine Love forces Himself on no one, since God gave us the freedom to do that in the first place. When Christ (literally the "One anointed" with Divine Love, the Holy Ghost) came to bring us into His Love, He came as a harmless child, a form so benign that only the most hard-hearted would despise such a sight.

Yet, King Herod was so full of his own pride, that even though He is in the most benign and harmless form, he still commanded Christ's death, only to fail, and he was more than willing to kill thousands of equally harmless children just to get his way. Those loyal to sin continue this same behavior, so hating virtue and goodness that even though Christ came in the most benign and harmless form, they still hate Him. They in their almighty arrogance declare that God is wrong and that God must accept whatever it is that they want. Or if they don't do that, they make up their own "God" and lie about God saying that He supports their vices merely as a rhetorical tool to force people to accept their behavior. All this when the real God forces Himself on no one, thereby revealing their deceit and betraying their malice.

But should it really surprise us that King Herod would honestly kill a defenseless and harmless infant just to defend his own lifestyle? People today kill not merely other people's children, but have a professional kill their very own children just so they can continue their existing lifestyle (make no mistake abortion is about lust, not murder and until the pro-life movement realizes that it won't get anywhere) and pretend that sex is about pleasure and being happy when in fact its single purpose is procreation. They do this through abortion to the tune of 4,000 executed children per day in the United States alone. You kill a harmless and defenseless child, because you are more important and attack everyone who opposes you with every manner of rhetoric and insult when God forces Himself on no one and is the one attacked by your anti-life politics and ideology.

Christ comes in the most benign and harmless way-a child-because He forces Himself on no one, and yet people still deny that they were created to live in Divine Love and lie to themselves, pursuing lives separated from God. Christ alone survives death-the death that is the sacrifice to cleanse us of our sins-and only by joining ourselves to Him can we survive our own deaths. He, being pre-existing God, doesn't need us, but we need Him. That is the lone reason why He came: is to remove us from our sins and unite ourselves to Him, a union that can only be complete in Heaven. He came in the most benign form to accomplish this goal and yet people still reject Him, for their lifestyles are more important than God who existed before them and the "now" is more important than their own deaths.

Let us not deceive ourselves, let us confess who we are, a people created to be with God, and let us join ourselves to Him who appears today in the most harmless and benign of forms to survive our own deaths, for He comes solely to survive His own death, that we might survive ours.