O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chastity Makes Him Manly

Today we celebrate-together with the Holy Apostle James the Brother of the Lord and the Holy Prophet David the King-the Holy Joseph the Betrothed. He is the epitome of manliness-specifically because of his chastity. It takes a lot of strength, self-control, and discipline to be chaste. It requires selfishness, vanity, and a rejection of discipline to be lustful and sex-obsessed. It requires no strength to sire a child. However, it requires a lot of strength and discipline to raise a child and to, not merely have discipline, but pass on discipline to the child. This is precisely the work for which St. Joseph is known: not siring a child but only raising a child. Any idiot can father a child. It takes manliness and discipline to correctly raise a child to himself be a man and have the strength and discipline of his father.

This is a lesson that the modern world desperately needs-a problem known by single mothers as much as by anyone else for the man who was supposed to be the role-model and teacher of such manliness and strength is gone. Children need both a mother and a father because they need to learn both the virtues at which men naturally excel as well as the virtues at which women naturally excel. They need the example of both a proper gentleman and a proper lady to learn proper behavior and the proper dignity and value of each gender, which are the completely contrary and completely complimentary halves of humanity. This is why the One Parent Child needed a father-to have His humanity raised properly and to set a proper example for us on how to raise a family.