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Monday, November 4, 2013

Respecting the Family and "Social Orphans"

Recently, Patriarch Svyatoslav spoke on the necessity of respecting the family and the problem of social orphans:

""Unless the institution of family is supported on social, national level, we will always have a problem of social orphans. Because social orphans are not just in the families of immigrants, but also in the families of successful businessmen who are not engaged in raising their children. A single government program, even the best social service cannot replace a father and mother." - said the head of the church.

Patriarch Sviatoslav said that from the point of view of a Christian a family is an institution established by the Creator as fruitful and indissoluble unity of man and woman. According to his words, only such a family can give proper education to children. "If we do not cherish the institution of the family, we will always face the phenomenon of social orphans" - said he."

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