O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Burning Sun of Divine Love

O Thou who didst trample death by death, whose burning Divine Love is inescapable and did shine on us to call us to Thyself, shine forth from the grave in which Thou hast been placed by the sins of the sinner and restore her purity for Thou O Life canst not be bound by death and Thou O Love canst not be bound by sin. Thou dost trample all to raise Thy beloved to Thyself. Thou hast proceeded forth from Thy bridal chamber, O Bridegroom, and hast rejoiced as a giant to run the way and there is none that can hide himself from Thy heat: not in Heaven, for Thou dwellest there, nor in Hades, for Thou didst trample Thine enemies there, and Thou hast shone the brilliance of Thy Divine Love to us to call us to Thyself, that our whole minds, and our whole bodies, and our whole souls may participate in the exchange of Thy Divine Love in which Thou dost exist with the Father and the Holy, Immortal, and Life-creating Spirit. Destroy now, O Trampler of Death, all that separates us from Thy Divine Love, for impurity cannot survive in Thy presence, that we may perfectly participate in the exchange of Thy Divine Love for Thou comest with great mercy for our souls!