O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

God Can Restore You to a State of Being Pure

Purity cannot be contained by sin just like how Christ cannot be contained by death and light cannot be contained by darkness. Darkness can cover and surround light, but it cannot dissolve the light. The light will always scatter the darkness. Death can cover and surround Christ, but it cannot eliminate Him. Christ is Life itself and will always destroy death and it cannot contain Him, even if it completely swallows Him. So too, sin can cover and swallow purity, but it cannot destroy it forever. Purity always dispels sin because purity is merely the state of being joined to God and sin the state of being separated from God. Being reunited with God and perfecting your union with Him undoes sin and removes it from your past. A sinner can truly loose her purity just as Christ truly lost His life, but it can always be restored by being reunited with He who rose from the dead. Sin can struggle, like darkness and death, but it cannot win. The sinner can always be cured and restored to the state of never having sinned and never having defiled herself by simply being reunited with God because sin cannot stand God's presence and God cannot stand sin's presence. If she returns to God, she is purified there-by. Sin cannot win.