O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thou Art Black But Beautiful

Thou art black, O Sinner, because of thy sins. Sin has become a part of thee and thee a part of sin. Thou art separated from God by sin. Yet thou art still beautiful for thou art still loved and the Love of God still persists and He who survives His own death and has power over life and death sacrifices Himself for thee, enduring thy sins and the pain they cause as a penance for thee that by his wounds, thou might be healed and everything in thee contrary to Him might be removed from thee. Divine Love exists as a singularity, as One God, as a Single Trinity, with distinction of persons but without division and He loves thee as a whole and by His Nature wills to possess thee as a whole and sacrifices Himself for Thee that all that is in thee contrary to Him might be removed and thou be joined to Him, and belong to Him whole and without spot, living in simplicity and majesty as an icon of His Love and great mercy for the world.

Thou wast created by God to live in His Love but thou hast instead sinned and separated thyself from Him. But He raises thee from the dead by enduring the pain of thy sins to remit thy sins and raises thee to new life that thou might live in Him undefiled and glorify Him by proclaiming His Love and by proclaiming in the restoration of thy purity His great mercy for the world.

The bee was created to give honey, but instead has stung, and died when she stung, according to the manner of bees. But she will be yet raised from the dead for the Lord's glory and shall give her honey and shall arise and utter a canticle for the glory of the Lord praising His Love and great mercy for the world.

Nigra sum, sed formosa,
Filiae Jerusalem.
Ideo dilexit me Rex,
Et introduxit me in cubiculum suum.
Et dixit mihi:
“Surge, amica mea, et veni,
Jam hiems transiit, imber abiit et recessit
Flores apparuerunt in terrat nostra,
Tempus putationis advenit.”

I am black, but beautiful,
O Daughters of Jerusalem.
Therefore the King has loved me,
And he has brought me into his chamber
And said to me:
“Arise, my friend, and come,
For winter is past, the rain is over and gone,
The flowers have appeared in our land,
The time of pruning is come.”