O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Holy Queen

Icon of Our Holy Venerable Mother Crowned by God Elizabeth the Peacemaker, Apostle of the Holy Ghost.
Today (in the Latin Rite) we celebrate the falling asleep of St. Elizabeth of Portugal. She was the consort of King Denis "the Farmer", who reigned as King of Portugal and the Algarves from 1279-1325. During her time as Queen, she was known for her piety and her alms for the poor. She would often bring them bread, carrying it in the folds of her royal dress. Her husband, opposed to the practice, tried to stop her and on one occasion, when he ordered her to open her dress, roses fell out.

She would invite the poor into the palace too feed them and would let some of the children wear her crown, using this as an opportunity to promote devotion to the Divine Holy Ghost, the work for which she is still best remembered. The feasts of the Holy Ghost, with distribution of sweet bread and the crowning of children, still takes place today, mostly in the Azores and the Azorean diaspora. The main symbols of the devotion are the Holy Ghost flag and crown. Upon the death of her husband, she made peace between her sons, who were fighting for the throne, and retired to a monastery in Coimbra, where she is buried.

My Statue of St. Elizabeth and Holy Ghost Flag.

A Holy Ghost Crown.

A Holy Ghost Procession in the Azores.

High Altar where St. Elizabeth is buried.

Msgr. Bux celebrating High Mass at the tomb
of St. Elizabeth in Coimbra.