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Thursday, April 4, 2013

These Two Antiphons Always Make Me Laugh

He's Naked Somewhere!

From Byzantine Rite Vespers last night:

"The watchmen were instructed by the lawless Ones * to conceal Christ's Resurrection * and taking money to say that 'while we slept the corpse was stolen from the grave.' * Who ever saw, or who ever heard of a corpse being stolen? * Especially one anointed yet naked, * and with its grave-clothes left in the tomb? * Be not deceived, O ye Jews, * learn from the sayings of the Prophets, * and know that He is truly the Redeemer of the world and All-powerful."

From Matins back on Monday:

"Let the Jews tell how the soldiers lost the King they were guarding Him. * Why then did the stone not guard the rock of life? * Either let them give up the one who was buried or adore him as risen, * exclaiming together with us: * 'Glory to the multitude of Thy mercies: * O Saviour, glory be to Thee!'."

These are the antiphons from the early Church reacting to those who deny that the Resurrection is an actual historical event. The best part is that they are from the regular Resurrectional services that repeat on Sundays throughout the year (they are said one each day this week) so every few weeks we get to hear one of "Who ever heard of a body being stolen naked and the burial cloths left in the grave?" and "Either give us the Body or worship the Resurrection."