O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Sing to Thine Omnipotent Power, O Lord!

Like the Holy Penitent Mary and her sister the Holy Martha I cry unto Thee O Lord: raise Thy handmaiden the penitent from the death of sin and impurity just as Thou didst raise the Holy Lazarus who was four days dead. The laws of nature dictate that when a man shall die he shall not live again and is forever departed from the living, but when Thou dost will it, the law of nature is abolished. Just as Thou didst come forth from the Virgin without a human father like the rock proceeding forth unhewn from the mountain as Nabuchodonosor the King did see and did relate to the Holy Prophet Daniel who saw it as a sign of Thine Incarnation, just as Thou didst allow Holy Lazarus to die so that Thou couldst show Thy power to thine Apostles and to the Jews by raising a man four days dead, now likewise raise thy penitent whom Thou didst permit to fall into sin like the Holy Penitent Mary, sister of the Holy Lazarus, who anointed Thy Sacred Feet with sweetest nard and even sweeter tears to console the wounds she left in Thee by her sins, preparing Thee for burial, so that, like Holy Mary, her contrition may likewise console Thee after her life of sin lo these many years and Thy handmaiden's virginal purity may be restored in her, that Thou mayest receive her flesh and her soul in the purity that Thy Divine Majesty dost merit to receive for use in Thy plan for which her flesh was created, and Thine omnipotent power with Thy pure plan for the holy sacrifice of marriage made manifest, an icon of Thy holy life-giving Cross, a glory for believers and a stumbling block for the nations, O Thou who didst in Thine omnipotent power raise a man dead of four days and cometh now to us as King, riding the foal of an ass with great mercy and love for mankind!