O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

See What Christ Did For You:

Today is Mid-Lent on the Byzantine Calendar. The Latin Rite won't celebrate mid-lent until Sunday when it decks itself in rose vestments. At Vespers last night (for today) we heard the following antiphon at the end of "Lord, I have cried" about what Christ suffered for our sake:

Tone 8
Today, the Lord of glory, the Master of creation is nailed to the cross and His side is pierced. He who is the sweet drink of the church tastes gall and vinegar! The One who crowned the heavens is crowned with thorns; He is vested in a robe of mockery. The Creator of the earth is struck with human hands. He accepts scourging, spitting and buffeting, all for the sake of me, who stand condemned! He is my compassionate Deliverer and God, who saves the world from deceit!

Christ voluntarily suffered all of these things so contrary to His Nature and His comfort for our sake, for our salvation. How much have we voluntarily suffered things contrary to ourselves and our comfort for His sake, for His glory? How faithful are we to Our Divine Bridegroom out in public when people challenge Him or promote things contrary to Him? He suffered for our salvation, how much do we suffer in return for His Glory? Do we speak boldly and proudly like the martyrs? Do we leave our faith at home and practice the faith only in hiding like the cowardly apostles? Or do we betray Christ entirely by forgetting Him or lying about Him in order to please the people in the world around us like the traitor Judas?