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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pope Francis' Enthronment

Yes it is properly called an "enthronement" because he didn't wear the tiara, but still used the throne (we can't expect him to stand for his whole pontificate can we?). I didn't watch the Mass personally (I'm never getting up that ridiculously early for a Novus Ordo), but from the reports, it had none of the sacrilegious pageantry that modernists are known for, rather it was a very simple "get on with it" affair, moving through the parts of the NO Mass in as simple a style as the NO's rubrics allow. The vestments were simple but still tasteful. Matching vestments were worn by the Latin deacon. The Greek deacon wore a pretty nice sticharion and orarion with a polystavron pattern in white. Patriarch Svyatoslav (who appears in the video below with the other Easter Catholic patriarchs) wore his black/white set in the polystavron pattern he is so known for wearing. The first video shows PF praying at the confessio of St. Peter with the Eastern Catholic patriarchs and incensing the icon there. It gives a good view of everyone's vestments. The second is of the Gospel, which was chanted in Greek only with proper Byzantine ceremony, which makes the altar boys look a bit out of place in their Latin Rite vestments. The Orthodox hierarchs can be seen behind the ambon in choir dress.

UPDATE: The Greek deacon is Deacon Valter Volochen of the Eparchy of Stamford (CT, USA) in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church:

Picture from Eparchy of Stamford

UPDATE 2: The chalice was actually easy on the eyes: