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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope Francis and Sexual Attraction

PF, when he was just a seminarian, was tempted by an attractive woman. He couldn't think about anything else but her for a week. NBC, in their infinite stupidity, is claiming this as "evidence" that PF will remove mandatory celibacy in the Latin Church. That suggestion is idiotic. If PF was serious, how come he has been practicing celibacy faithfully, in accordance with the tradition of his Rite, ever since? St. Augustine did sexual things a million times worse than PF and never suggested something so asinine as removing mandatory celibacy in what would be a blatant violation of the tradition of the Latin Rite.

If anything, this episode from Jorge Bergoglio's life shows us that men should not be discouraged when they are tempted by a woman (be it in person or on a lewd web site) and can't focus on anything else for several days (you know it's happened to all of you guys-don't lie). This seminarian was obsessed with a woman and couldn't focus on his prayers for a week straight and still managed to faithfully practice celibacy, become a priest, and not only that, but become the freaking pope. So if he can overcome such temptation than so can you. Man up and gain some self-control. It's been done before and you'll do it too.