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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lent Equals Exorcism!

Exorcism is a recurring theme in the Gospels at Divine Liturgy during Great Lent. We had one today together with a prediction of the passion (Mark 9:17-31). It is fitting that we hear much of exorcism during Great Lent as only by giving ourselves to Christ can we find freedom from everything with which the devil tempts and attacks us; from the temptation to sin, to oppression if we resist his temptations, to addiction and enslavement to sin, to outright demonic possession. Great Lent is the time to give ourselves to Christ so that we may be free from sin and the oppression of the devil.

To further expand on the subject, here is a homily from last week, when the Latin Rite had an exorcism for the Gospel: