O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday is Sacrifice

Icon of the Mystical Supper
Today Christ gives His Flesh to His Bride to give Her life. The marital sacrifice in the flesh between husband and wife is merely an icon of this Sacrifice in the Flesh between Christ the Bridegroom and His Bride, the Church. The Sacrifice offered tomorrow is made present today. His Flesh sacrificed on Calvary to the Father to give life to His Bride is made present on the Holy Table at every Divine Liturgy including, mind-bogglingly, in the past at the Mystical Supper. Holy Thursday is sacrifice, the Mystical Supper is sacrifice, and the Divine Liturgy is sacrifice because it is the Sacrifice of Calvary, that took place once at one point in time, being made simultaneously present at another point in time, space and time being distorted. An icon is a solid portal into Heaven or into another point in time making us present there and there here, but the Eucharist is the very reality of another point in time made present in our midst; no portal; the very reality in person: physical human Flesh that looks like bread and physical human Blood that looks like wine.

As a footnote, why does every depiction of the Mystical Supper have everyone on the same side of the table? It was ad orientem!