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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Depressing View of Human Dignity

Many images like this one regularly make the rounds on Facebook in support of the pro-life cause. The goal is to show the beauty of human life and it's generation, the sacrifice made by one human body to take care of another in the womb, but to me it's a depressing thing to look at because of everything lustful that women do with their bodies and how they have degraded themselves to objects of pleasure in order to become pregnant in the first place. Sex is the sacrifice of yourself to take care of your spouse, in a union that God uses as the environment to create new life. Sex is the pinnacle and symbol of marriage, which is the sacrifice of yourself to God to get your spouse to heaven. How can anyone degrade that to an act of pleasure and empty emotions? Yet that is what happens virtually every time the above depicted scenario is created. Such pictures are meant to show the dignity of the child, but they only remind me of the lack of dignity of the mother when this happens in real life.