O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Worry Not When Ye See the Prosperity of Sinners

We read:
"How long shall sinners, O Lord: how long shall sinners glory?" (Psalm 93:3)

And again the Royal Prophet, upon describing in detail the prosperity and success of sinners:
"They have called the people happy, that hath these things: but happy is that people whose God is the Lord." (Psalm 143:15)

In the Prophecy of Osee we read why we should not be troubled by the prosperity and success of sinners:
"And now I will lay open her folly in the eyes of her lovers: and no man shall deliver her out of my hand: And I will cause all her mirth to cease, her solemnities, her new moons, her sabbaths, and all her festival times. And I will destroy her vines, and her fig trees, of which she said: These are my rewards, which my lovers have given me: and I will make her as a forest, and the beasts of the field shall devour her. And I will visit upon her the days of Baalim, to whom she burnt incense, and decked herself out with her earrings, and with her jewels, and went after her lovers, and forgot me, saith the Lord." Osee 2:10-13

Accurately does Sacred Scripture speak of the deeds of sinners. By the mouth of the Holy Prophet Osee it describes the sinfulness of the people, even as far as using the language of the adulteress and calling her lover her "friend". (Osee 3:1) By the mouth of King Solomon the Wise, well does it tell of the deeds of the adulteress in detail. (Proverbs 7:6-27)

God beholds all and when the bee He created to give honey instead stings, He suffers as a penance that she might live again, for according to the ways of bees, a bee dies when it stings. The Lord allows the cockle to grow alongside the wheat. (Mt. 13:24-30,36-43) It is not our job to destroy the cockle (the wicked), but to suffer them as a penance unto their own conversion. How truly great is the Lord, if the evil deeds of sinners are the very penance endured for the forgiveness of those same deeds! If they convert, they are given mercy as the adulterous Magdalene who washed our Lord's feet with her tears and dryed them with her hair. Their purity is restored so that the Lord might receive them as He deserves. Their sinful prosperity is brought to complete ruin as they begin their life anew in Christ. If they do not repent, then it is eternal Hellfire and their lives are brought to ruin just the same. Such prosperity is vanity and it is our job to convert them by prayer and penance.

So when ye hear it said that this sinner or that is propserous, that virtue is persecuted in the land and sin exalted and praised as good, fear not. That life will be met with utter destruction. Either in Hell, or by the sinner abandoning it to follow Christ. Ultimately, those are the only possibilities. Your job then is to convert the sinner. We know that if we remain close to Christ and His Passion on the Cross for the sake of His Bride, the Church, we will be victorious, for Christ is victorious. No matter how much sinners glory, we will be victorious if we remain close to Christ and His patient and silent suffering on the cross (Is 53:7), enduring the attacks of sinners unto their own conversion. He is victorious and immortal, the One whom death cannot contain. He is the One the Church lauds by singing the Thrice-Holy Hymn:

+Svyati Bozhe, Svyati Krepki, Svyati Bezsmertniy, pomiluy nas.
+Agios o Theos, Agios ischyros, Agios athanatos, eleison imas.
+Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.