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Friday, January 25, 2013

Glass Bead Icons by Angelika Artemenko

From Orthodox Arts Journal via Byzantine, TX, comes these icons made of glass beads by a 26 year old artist from Ukraine named Angelika Artemenko. I suppose they're technically icon reproductions since icons are made of specific paints on a specific wooden board according to a specific process (called "writing" an icon) consisting mostly of prayer and penance, but they're still very beautiful none the less. They are definitely in the proper iconographic style, which is a very specific artistic style, even though they are made of glass-beads, which is probably a tougher medium to work with than paint that needs to be in a very specific design. The beads give you a beautiful shine on the whole icon that you normally only get on the parts made of metallic components.

Click the thumbnails to expand.

Theotokos of Vladimir
Theotokos of Vladimir, detail
Theotokos of Smolensk
Theotokos of Smolensk, detail
The Theotokos of Kazan is wearing pink, which is interesting. It's a good look on her.
She has a lot more icons so head over to the gallery (here) to see the rest. There's a fair number of saints in there too.