O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Monday, October 15, 2012

We Owe Ourselves and Our Whole Lives to Christ Our God

Icon of Christ the Bridegroom atop Calvary
We owe Christ the Bridegroom our very selves. He has given Himself to the Father, enduring suffering as a penance for our sins, that from the Father, He might fill us with the Father's Love. In the Eucharist the Bridegroom gives us with His Very Flesh that we might be filled with Divine Love, and filled with Divine Love, we become a part of Him, and as a part of Him, we rest in His Heart.

Christ sacrifices Himself to fill us with Divine Love and Divine Love is such that it must be reciprocated. The reason why Divine Love is offered to us is to get us to Heaven. We receive Divine Love and leave everything behind to follow Him who offered it to us.1 Being filled with His Love, we become a part of Him and rest in Him. Divine Love is given to us by Christ to bring us to Him and make us one with Him, the two becoming One Flesh, the Divine Bridegroom and His Bride the Church becoming One Flesh in the the Sacred Intimacy of the Eucharist.

We give ourselves to He who first offered us love, that we might reciprocate His love by giving ourselves to Him to be filled with His love, and filled with His love, become a part of Him and rest in His Heart. The Heart wounded by our sins against Him, receives then the one whom It loves and is satisfied. Only at this point is the Love of God satisfied, when the Beloved has reciprocated the love which Christ has offered Her to rest in Him by being filled with Him and His love. Only then is the Love of God complete and only then has It accomplished its purpose: to bring the beloved into union with God.

We then have a duty to offer ourselves to God. The fact that Christ has already sacrificed Himself to the Father to fill us with His Love to bring us to Heaven creates a certain obligation on our part to reciprocate Christ's Love because this is the means for our salvation. The fact that His Love requires reciprocation, creates a certain obligation on our part to reciprocate His Love back to Him. Our action is the only one left. The Love of God forces Itself on no one, but there is still an obligation on our part to give ourselves to Him for this is our only means of salvation. To not give ourselves would be a rejection of God and the Love brought into this world to bring us to Heaven. We *must* give ourselves to Him. To reject Him would leave us with nothing but the world around us with all its lies and empty pleasures and no means of entering Heaven for we would have rejected the Love which is our only means of salvation.

1Mt 4:20