O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Just Servant

Icon of Extreme Humility
Christ gives Himself to the Father for our Salvation regardless of our actions. Even when we sin, abandoning and rejecting Him in favor of a life of sin, He gives Himself to the Father to make us holy and bring us out of sin and into the life for which we were created. He gives Himself and everything He has and all the suffering He endures as a penance to the Father that we might be made pure and rest in the Father's bosom.

He ignores our protests against Him, enduring them as a part of all the insults and beatings He endures in His Holy Passion, given to Him by sinners who reject Him, as a penance for their conversion. He is obedient1 and by His obedience, enduring the suffering sinners inflict on Him as a penance for them, He heals the wounds of their sins.2 He is the just servant3 who is just because He acts in accordance with Divine Love. When sinners reject Him in favor of sin, He gives Himself as a sacrifice to the Father, enduring the suffering inflicted on Him by sinners as a penance for their conversion that they might live in the Father's Love, abandoning their sin.

Because of His sacrifice of Himself, He is found worthy by the Father of all glory and honor and forever holds His Bride the Church in purity and Eternal Glory.4

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