O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Futility of Sin

Icon of Christ the Bridegroom over the
exact place of the Cross on Calvary

Consider Christ the Bridegroom and your sinful soul. The more you sin and the more you advance yourself in your life of sin, the more suffering you inflict on the Divine Bridegroom. The more suffering you inflict on Him, the more suffering He endures to atonement for your sins. You can't win. The more you sin, the more the Divine Bridegroom suffers to destroy your sins such that they never took place. Your life of sin is for nothing. It is the supreme vanity. The more it exists and the more it flourishes, the more suffering it inflicts on the Divine Bridegroom, and the suffering He endures is a penance to destroy your sins. The self-destructive nature of sin is really a wonder to behold. Not only does the sinner destroy herself by sinning, but even the sins themselves are self destructive as the more they exist, the more the Bridegroom atones for them.