O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We Sing to Thee O Theotokos

"Genesis tis Theotokou"
Birth of the Mother of God
We sing to thee O Theotokos on thy birthday. On this joyous day we grieve for those of us drowning in lives of sin, but also rejoice for God has given us so Immaculate an Intercessor, who dost gloriously crush their sins under thy virginal foot. We beg thee O Theotokos to raise the sinner up to thy purity, O thou who art truly a virgin after childbearing. Raise the sinner to purity for it is not right for the Love of Thy Son to dwell in a vessel made impure by sin, which prompted the Lord to create thee in thy mother's womb as a pure vessel for His Son. Nor is it right for Thy Son's love to go un-returned, so we beg thee know to raise the sinner out of the defilement of worldly pleasures that the sinner might be a pure vessel for the Flesh of Thy Son the Divine Bridegroom, and receiving His Flesh, become a part of Him and dwell in His Heart, so wounded by sin. Do not fail us O Theotokos, whose purity dost overpower the greatest of sins!