O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thou O Savior Didst Save Us From Ourselves

Поми1луи насъ Б01же, поми1луи насъ.
Have mercy on us O God, have mercy on us.

Thou didst create us to be a living icon of Thy love, designed specifically as vessels for Divine Love, but we deserted thee for a life of sin. We now dwell in sin, having long since forgotten Thy commandments. Thy ways are above our ways as the Heavens are above the earth1, but we have abandoned Thy ways in favor of our ways in our own arrogance after thou didst tell us that we must deny ourselves and take our crosses to follow Thee.2 In our own pride, we built up our lives according to our own ways, ignoring the designs for which we were created and toiling through hard labors for a vain life of empty pleasure. Now we are left separated from Thee; our sins are an oath we have sworn against Thee. We are firmly planted in our sins, in our worldly life, separated from Thee, now and forever. All we have is the emotional pleasures for which we abandoned Thee.

But even in rejection by us, Thou art still our Bridegroom and Thou dost still sacrifice Thyself as a bridegroom for us; giving Thyself to the Father to get us, Thy Bride, to Heaven. We now offer this pitiful and unworthy homage of praise to Thee for Thou hast prayed for us transgressors.3 Thou was blinded by our sins and cut off from the land of the living; but because Thy soul hast labored and sacrificed Itself in the misery and darkness, Thou dost now see and dost justify us.4 We rejected Thee as our Bridegroom, but Thou didst persevere in Thy sacrifice for us as our Bridegroom and by Thy bruises we are healed.5 Thou wast rejected and still persevered and it was credited unto thee for righteousness6 like the just Phinees7, for Thou has no regard for the ways of man, but only the ways of the Father, for which man was created.

Thou O Savior didst save us from ourselves, for we cast ourselves into sin and thou didst rescue us despite our sin-induced protests. We rejected Divine Love but are still exist having been created for it. We live in the world's pleasures, but were not created for them and they lead only down into the chambers of death.8 We were not created for empty pleasure or the grave, nor can the dead praise Thee.9 Thou dost deserve to receive what is due Thee in spite of our sins. When the laws of nature defy Thee, the laws of nature must be defied. Therefore come O Savior and raise us to purity, curing the wounds of our sins and binding up what our sins have loosened that we may worthily show forth the glory of the Burning Sun of Thy Love.10 Cast our enemies far away into distant exile and escort us into Thy inner chambers O Bridegroom, for none can resist Thy heat11 and we shall enter into the altar of God, to God who gave joy to our youth.12

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