O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Words of Eternal Damnation and Eternal Life

The Last Judgement

Come O Sinner and remember that one day thou shalt meet Christ the Lord, the Divine Bridegroom and Just Judge Himself. What shall He say to thee? "My love is a complete sacrifice of thyself for thy beloved! Thou art still faithful to thy sins! For as long as thou art faithful to any part of thy life of sin, thou art not faithful to Me! For as long as thou art not faithful to Me, thou art not giving thyself to Me, for My love is all or nothing! I never want to see thee again! Get out of My sight! I never knew thee!1"

He sacrificed Himself on the cross for thee. Shall His sacrifice be in vain? Shall His love go unreturned by thee, unto thine eternal damnation? or shalt thou arise and give thyself to Him, unto thine eternal blessing? See how thy sins and Divine Love contradict each other so deeply. Beg the dear Lord and Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos to give thee the light of the Holy Ghost to illumine thy life that thou mightest see how thy life of sin and Divine Love so contradict that thou mightest reject thy life of sin and everything in it to give everything of thyself to Divine Love that thou mightest abide in Divine Love and that the whole world might behold thee as the greatest of saints.

It is then that the Divine Bridegroom and Just Judge will say to thee, "Come My beloved, I give Myself to thee to fill thee with My love; filled with My love, thou dost become a part of Me and thou shalt dwell in My Heart. This is the Kingdom prepared for thee from the creation of the world.2 It is for this Divine Love that thou wert created; come now and dwell in this love." Divine Love is offered by Christ to all, but is forced on no one. It is up to thee to decide which fate shall be thine. Arise, arise O sinner and realize thy sins. Arise, arise and utter a canticle, praising the beatific vision of Divine Love.

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