O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Lord of Time and Lord of Love

Come O Sinner and heed the call of the Divine Bridegroom: Why O Sinner dost thou live thy life without Me? Am I not good enough for thy life? Is thy life so much greater than I that I have not been able to be a part of it? Thou hast lived thy years and all the events of thy life have been experienced without Me; what is there left for Me now? What is left to give Me for thou hast given thyself to the world's emotions and pleasures and lived all of life without Me? As God I created thee to live in My love but thou hast given thyself to the empty emotions and pleasures of the world. What have you left to give Me?

Give thyself to Me and I will fill thee with My love. I will fill thee with My love, which cleanse thee and restore thy purity. I do not forgive by ignoring thy sins or refusing to give thee just punishment; rather I forgive by destroying thy sins from time and space. Once absolved, the sinful event in the past no longer exists. There is nothing in the past for Me to remember against thee. It is no longer a part of thy past. The effects of the sin exist without a cause for the cause never existed. Those who remember the sin remember something that never took place for I, as the Lord of Time, have destroyed the event from the past. All that is left is My Divine Love which destroyed a sin that no longer took place. Confession is that by which I change the past. Thy sin is destroyed because I sacrificed Myself to the Father to make thee holy. Give thyself to the Father through Me to return My love. I will give Myself to Thee and, filled with My love, thou dost become a part of Me and thou shalt dwell in My Heart. Arise, arise O Sinner and be washed in My Blood. Arise, arise and utter a canticle with thy purity fully restored.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Civil Disobedience

When the government violates the moral law, we must disobey the government. In such a situation, to obey the government is to disobey God and vice versa. St. John the Forerunner condemned the government for its immorality (the adultery of Herod Antipas-funny how marriage is an issue just like today and further showing that government leaders are not exempt from what happens in their "private lives") and was arrested and later beheaded because of it, all the while being just before God because he defended morality in the face of the government's immorality unto the point of death, rejecting any sort of "compromise" or "understanding", desiring only the conversion of sinners. Rightly did Christ the Bridegroom call His Best Man the greatest man born of woman.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Uneaten Bridegroom

We do Thee homage O Divine Bridegroom who art abandoned here upon Thine altar. Thou beholdest O God how sinners have abandoned and rejected Thee in favor of their empty pleasures. Even through rejection, Thou dost still sacrifice Thyself to the Father for the conversion of sinners. Even through rejection, Thou dost still offer sinners Thy love and Thy Very Body, O Uneaten Bridegroom, to strengthen them unto life eternal for even through rejection thou art truly Our Bridegroom and Thou truly dost offer Thyself as Our Bridegroom to the Father for our salvation. Raise sinners from the dead O Just One for just as death could not contain Thee O Ressurected Bridegroom, so too no illegitimate life of sin will be able to contain sinners once they are filled with the honey of Divine Love. Give me to eat Thy honey from the bee O God who beholds all! Give unto sinners honey from the rock to raise them to new life!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thou O Savior Didst Save Us From Ourselves

Поми1луи насъ Б01же, поми1луи насъ.
Have mercy on us O God, have mercy on us.

Thou didst create us to be a living icon of Thy love, designed specifically as vessels for Divine Love, but we deserted thee for a life of sin. We now dwell in sin, having long since forgotten Thy commandments. Thy ways are above our ways as the Heavens are above the earth1, but we have abandoned Thy ways in favor of our ways in our own arrogance after thou didst tell us that we must deny ourselves and take our crosses to follow Thee.2 In our own pride, we built up our lives according to our own ways, ignoring the designs for which we were created and toiling through hard labors for a vain life of empty pleasure. Now we are left separated from Thee; our sins are an oath we have sworn against Thee. We are firmly planted in our sins, in our worldly life, separated from Thee, now and forever. All we have is the emotional pleasures for which we abandoned Thee.

But even in rejection by us, Thou art still our Bridegroom and Thou dost still sacrifice Thyself as a bridegroom for us; giving Thyself to the Father to get us, Thy Bride, to Heaven. We now offer this pitiful and unworthy homage of praise to Thee for Thou hast prayed for us transgressors.3 Thou was blinded by our sins and cut off from the land of the living; but because Thy soul hast labored and sacrificed Itself in the misery and darkness, Thou dost now see and dost justify us.4 We rejected Thee as our Bridegroom, but Thou didst persevere in Thy sacrifice for us as our Bridegroom and by Thy bruises we are healed.5 Thou wast rejected and still persevered and it was credited unto thee for righteousness6 like the just Phinees7, for Thou has no regard for the ways of man, but only the ways of the Father, for which man was created.

Thou O Savior didst save us from ourselves, for we cast ourselves into sin and thou didst rescue us despite our sin-induced protests. We rejected Divine Love but are still exist having been created for it. We live in the world's pleasures, but were not created for them and they lead only down into the chambers of death.8 We were not created for empty pleasure or the grave, nor can the dead praise Thee.9 Thou dost deserve to receive what is due Thee in spite of our sins. When the laws of nature defy Thee, the laws of nature must be defied. Therefore come O Savior and raise us to purity, curing the wounds of our sins and binding up what our sins have loosened that we may worthily show forth the glory of the Burning Sun of Thy Love.10 Cast our enemies far away into distant exile and escort us into Thy inner chambers O Bridegroom, for none can resist Thy heat11 and we shall enter into the altar of God, to God who gave joy to our youth.12

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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Broken Heart over A Broken Candle

Come O Sinner and behold how thy sins wound the Divine Bridegroom. Thy sins are countless and beyond number, but the greatest wound that thou dost inflict on the Divine Bridegroom is the fact that His love for thee goes unfulfilled. This is the wound of love; that the soul has love, but the love is unfulfilled. This is the dark night of the soul: that God has filled the soul with Divine Love, but the love has not been brought to its completion. This indeed is the greatest wound of Christ the Bridegroom, that He has love for His Ecclesial Bride and goes as far as to sacrifice His entire Self in the worst tortures to fill Her with Divine Love and raise Her to Heaven, but She does not return His Love and His prayers go unheeded by Her who prefers Her life of sin and corruption. Remember O Sinner that thou art wax and easily broken by sin. Thou wast created as a candle to burn with Divine Love, but thou didst break thyself by sin. Once a candle is broken, it can never be fully restored. Once thou hast defiled thyself with sin, thou canst not be fully restored to purity. However, God is perfectly capable of collecting all the fragments of the wax and even the dust thereof and melting the wax over the fire of His Divine Love and recasting the candle in purity, that it might burn with the fire of His Love and surround His altar, offering itself to Him and shining the fire of Divine Love to the world, bearing witness to the Sacrifice of Christ for His Bride upon the altar. Arise, arise O Sinner and give thyself to the Divine Love for which thou wast created. Arise, arise and utter a canticle, giving glory to God for reforging thee in purity.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Self-Destructive Nature of Sin

Come O Sinner and see how thy sins injure the Divine Bridegroom. His wedding crown is become a torture device, thy sins piercing Him like a thousand needles on His head. His scepter, His symbol of authority over thee is become a symbol of mockery and rejection. He sacrifices Himself and destroys Himself in His love for thee to get thee to Heaven, but dost only rabidly pursue worldly pleasures no matter how much they destroy thee and injure Him, increasing His burden in getting thee to Heaven, the reason why thou wast created and why He became man. Arise, arise O sinner, repent of thy sins and return to the Lord. Arise, arise and utter canticle, singing the glory of the wounds which were caused by thy sins and destroy thy sins.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bring Us with Thee as Thou art Taken to Heaven

Thy Son deserves to possess us, for we were created to dwell in Him unto His glory, but we have defrauded Him of possessing us by our sins. Fill us with His love that it might raise us up to Him just as thou art raised up to Him this day. Give us the light to reject our sins that we might dwell in His Heart. We have defiled our flesh by our sins; raise us to purity that we might be worthy vessels for thy Son's Flesh. Give us thy sustenance, for thou art our only means of support.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Frailty of Sin and Strength of God

Come O sinner and contemplate this truth: No matter how established thou art in a life apart from Him, God always penetrates through it and raises thee up to Himself. Arise, arise O sinner from thy grave called out by the Lord like Lazarus. Arise, Arise and utter a canticle, a testament to Divine Mercy.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Priest, Prophet, and King

Icon of Christ the High Priest

Christ, as Bridegroom of the Church, is priest, prophet, and king. He is priest because He offers Himself to the Father for the forgiveness of His Bride's sins. He is prophet for He proclaims Himself, the Divine Logos, to the world. He is king for all must obey Him as He is God. In the Icon of Christ the High Priest, we see Him vested as a bishop, holding a book as a prophet, and enthroned as a king. Priests and bishops similarly, as the person of Christ in the Church by their ordination, offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Eucharist, proclaim the word of God, and rule over the Church. The same function that Christ performs over the Church, an earthly bridegroom performs over his bride. He is priest, offering himself and his whole family to God, leading them in prayer. He is prophet, teaching them the faith. He is king, ruling his family, keeping everything in good order.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Words of Eternal Damnation and Eternal Life

The Last Judgement

Come O Sinner and remember that one day thou shalt meet Christ the Lord, the Divine Bridegroom and Just Judge Himself. What shall He say to thee? "My love is a complete sacrifice of thyself for thy beloved! Thou art still faithful to thy sins! For as long as thou art faithful to any part of thy life of sin, thou art not faithful to Me! For as long as thou art not faithful to Me, thou art not giving thyself to Me, for My love is all or nothing! I never want to see thee again! Get out of My sight! I never knew thee!1"

He sacrificed Himself on the cross for thee. Shall His sacrifice be in vain? Shall His love go unreturned by thee, unto thine eternal damnation? or shalt thou arise and give thyself to Him, unto thine eternal blessing? See how thy sins and Divine Love contradict each other so deeply. Beg the dear Lord and Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos to give thee the light of the Holy Ghost to illumine thy life that thou mightest see how thy life of sin and Divine Love so contradict that thou mightest reject thy life of sin and everything in it to give everything of thyself to Divine Love that thou mightest abide in Divine Love and that the whole world might behold thee as the greatest of saints.

It is then that the Divine Bridegroom and Just Judge will say to thee, "Come My beloved, I give Myself to thee to fill thee with My love; filled with My love, thou dost become a part of Me and thou shalt dwell in My Heart. This is the Kingdom prepared for thee from the creation of the world.2 It is for this Divine Love that thou wert created; come now and dwell in this love." Divine Love is offered by Christ to all, but is forced on no one. It is up to thee to decide which fate shall be thine. Arise, arise O sinner and realize thy sins. Arise, arise and utter a canticle, praising the beatific vision of Divine Love.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thy Cry of the Prodigal

Like the prodigal son1 O Lord, we have squandered the gifts Thou hast given us. Thou didst give us pure flesh at conception and a pure soul and baptism and as we grew older Thou didst give us Thy gifts to guide us to the Inner Chamber of Thy Love. But alas, we repaid Thee hatred for Thy Love.2 We rejected Thy Love for the world's empty pleasures which passed as easily as they came, leaving us always on the hunt for more in an insatiable addiction. We now return to thee in contrition. Gird us in the finest clothing and shoes and put rings on our fingers.3 Fill us now with Thy Love to break our sins, which rule our lives in Thy place. Fill us with Thy Love which will break our sins' hold on our flesh and restore purity to our souls. Send forth Thy Light and Thy Truth, which will lead us and guide us onto Thy holy mount and into Thy tabernacle. And we shall enter into the altar of God, to God who gave joy to our youth.4

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Love of God is Relentless and Sacrificial

I will wear the crown of suffering and get whatever condemnation
I will get to get you to Heaven O Sinner.

I didn't realize it until later that He has one thorn sticking into His skin and coming out again above His eye.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Publican's Prayer

We are empty. We are nothing. We give ourselves to Thee O Lord. Fill us with Thy love which will make our bodies and souls pure. We have degraded ourselves by our sins. Thou didst create us to rest in Thy love for eternity, as images of Thy love unto Thy glory, but we degraded ourselves by sin, demanding that our lives play out according to our own passions and desires. Recognizing our emptiness and the vanity of our desires which degrade us from union with Thee, we now give ourselves to Thee. Fill us with Thy love which purifies us of all stain of sin and undoes all the degrading damage that we inflicted upon ourselves in body and soul by our lives of sin. Give us Thy love which will purify us and raise us up to Thee that we might rest in Thy Heart, broken by our sins. Send forth Thy light and Thy truth: they have conducted us, and brought us unto Thy holy hill, and into Thy tabernacles.1 Proceed forth from Thy chamber O Bridegroom2, that Thy love, given to us, might purify us and lead us into Thy inner chamber where we shall be intimate and undisturbed together for eternity.

1Ps 42:3
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