O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How Can I Sing?

Come O Sinner and behold the grand majesty of Divine Love. It burns without beginning or end for it is the presence of the Infinite and Immortal King of Heaven. Behold the Vessel of this Love, Christ Our Lord, who sacrificed Himself upon the cross to fill His Bride the Church with this love, that She might return this Love and be thus joined to Him. The Sacraments are Their union and the Supreme Sacrament, the Eucharist, is Their intimacy, where They are truly One Flesh. St. Thomas bade his tongue to sing the glorious mystery of this Body1, but how can a mortal tongue ever comprehend so great a love, let alone sing it? Only God can comprehend His Love and only a tongue endowed with speech from the Holy Ghost can sing a canticle of love, as did Solomon.2

Behold then how God creates earthly bridegrooms and brides as vessels of this love. Like Christ, the bridegroom offers himself to the Father to fill his bride under him with this Divine Love. Like the Church, she gives herself to return God's Love to her bridegroom, and through him, to God. As one, they become the image of Christ, not unto their benefit, but for the glory of God. In the union of Christ and the Church they have their union. Their bond, the Sacrament of Marriage, is in the bond of Christ and His Church, the Sacraments. They bud forth as off-shoots to reveal Divine Love to the nations, for Christ reveals His Love through His Bride the Church to join Her to Him and commands Her to make believers of all nations3 that all men might be thus joined to Him.4 Upon beholding this, all earthly pleasure is naught. Human emotions and passions are but minuscule and insignificant parodies created by Satan to spite God out of his hatred of all things Divine. The greatest pleasures of the world are but rapidly passing memories, in comparison to the Infinite and Immortal Love of God. Since it is passing, earthly pleasures lead only to death. Since it's origin and end is God, Divine Love leads only to eternal life. Adoro te devote, latens Deitas, Quæ sub his figuris vere latitas. Tibi se cor meum totum subicit, Quia te contemplans totum deficit.5 Arise, arise O Sinner and proceed to Divine Love. Arise, arise and be purified in body and soul that thou mightest be a worthy vessel of Divine Love and not cast into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

1St. Thomas Aquinas' hymn Pange Lingua
2The Old Testament Canticle of Canticles
3Mt 28:19-20
41 Tm 2:3-4
5I devoutly adore Thee, O hidden Deity, truly hidden under these figures. My heart completely surrenders to Thee, for seeing Thee, all else must yield.