O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Behold the Broken Heart of Jesus

Come O Sinner and behold the love of Christ for His Bride the Church. The love the Divine Bridegroom receives from the Heavenly Father He gives to His Bride that She may return this love to the Father through Her Divine Bridegroom that they may be joined in eternity, perfectly pure and nourished by Divine Love.

Christ offers Himself in the sacrifice of obedience on the cross to fill His Bride the Love of the Father. She reciprocates this love by also offering the sacrifice of obedience, returning the Love of the Father to Him through Her Divine Bridegroom.

The love He receives is the love He gives to Her. The love She receives is the love She gives Him. The love they as one receive from the Father is the love they give to Him. They live forever as one beating heart. Just as the heart receives blood and then gives it, one chamber to the next, in one continuous cycle of pumping, so too they beat forever, giving to each other the love they have received in an endless cycle of sacrifice for each other. They are the Infinite Heart, giving each other Divine Love for eternity.

Thou wert created by God O Sinner to return the love that God dost give thee as honey from the rock,1 but thou instead didst sting with thy stinger by running away into a life of sin. Just as the bee dies after stinging, so too thou art dead in sin. The eternal cycle of the Infinite Heart was broken just so that thou could have a few years of pleasure. But the Love of God is stronger and even with a Broken Heart, He sacrifices Himself still to fill thee with the Father's Love. Thou didst sin, a past act, but God dost love thee, a continuous act. Thy sins are overwhelmed by the the Blood gushing forth from the Sacred Heart, washing thee clean2 and restoring the endless cycle of Divine Love.

Arise, arise O Sinner and give thy honey to the Lord. Arise, arise and utter a canticle, offering reparation for breaking the Sacred Heart.

1Ps 80:17
2Ap. 7:14