O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arise Arise and Enter Into the Altar of God

Come O Sinner and utter a canticle of the Love of God. How can a sinful human sing the glory of God? Behold the Holy Prophet Isaias, who when God willed he be sent to prophesy to the Lord's people, had his lips purified with a live coal from the altar in Heaven and his sins were cleansed.1 Thou didst dwell in darkness living as the world lives and God showed thee the flaming fire of His Love from Heaven like a burning sun that thou mightest give thyself to Him to live His Love and sing a canticle unto the glory of God. But thou didst reject the Love of God and ran off into the world's empty pleasures like the prodigal son who ran off into a life of dissipation.2 But God has not retracted His Love for thee and it burns still. As the prodigal son's father awaited his son's return so too the Heavenly Father awaits thee. God still extends His love to thee for thou art still the same person, still created by God to live in His Love. Arise now and be purified of thy sins to live the Love of God for the Lord will separate thy sins from thee as the east is from the west3 that thou mightest be a pure vessel of Divine Love in the image of Christ and sing a canticle unto His glory. Be learned in the ways of Divine Love and forget the ways of the world's emotions4, for the Lord's ways are not the world's ways and the Lord's ways are exalted above the world's ways as the Heavens are above the earth.5 Arise that thou mightest see the Heaven of Divine Love and not the Hell of worldly lusts. Arise, arise O Sinner and live in Divine Love. Arise arise and utter a canticle to God who gave joy to thy youth.6

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