O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Show Forgiveness & Pray for More Priests

II Sunday after Pentecost
Gospel: Mt 4:18-23 [Call of Peter, James, and John]-Byzantine Rite

Let us forgive one another because getting each other to Heaven is more important. What reason is there to be angry? Christ has already sacrificed Himself on the cross for the forgiveness of those same sins. Christ wants to forgive them because having them in Heaven is more important to Him than giving them the severe punishment that is meet and just for their crimes against Him, which all fairness demands be given them. He wants them in Heaven so much that He sacrificed Himself for them after they completely rejected His love. The repaid Him hatred for His love, but he turned to prayer offered for them (cf. Ps. 108:4). If you do not love in this way, how can you be considered obedient to Christ or His Church? The atonement for their sins has already been accomplished. What reason is there not to forgive? We forgive our debtors because getting them to Heaven is more important. Even if they don't want to be with us or with God, we still forgive them and pray for them because getting them to Heaven is more important. Sacrificing ourselves to get others to Heaven is the entirety of the Catholic Faith. The satisfaction for their sins has already been accomplished on the cross. We just need to deny our grudges against one another to follow Christ and love as He loves.

The world does not know the love of God because there is no one to show it to them. Even in the Church, there is no one to show it to them, because most people are only interested in what is emotionally meaningful or are afraid to offend other people, so the love of God isn't lived and is often dismissed as "out-dated" or "judgmental". Pray for more priests; men that will leave everything, their families, all their possessions, all their pleasures and grudges to follow Christ; to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (the very sacrifice of Calvary) in atonement for their own sins and those of the Church, to give the same forgiveness of Christ in confession, and to teach the faithful to live that same love, that the whole world may know the Love of God.