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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Patron Saint of Weddings

St. Anthony of Lisbon
Marriage, as if it wasn't obvious enough, is central to this blog. Today is the feast of an important patron of marriage. Well, St. Anthony of Lisbon is patron saint of couples wanting to conceive. The logic is quite simple: he has a baby, so lets ask him for one. St. Anthony's feastday is an always popular day for weddings in Portugal, with couples praying that St. Anthony will bless them with plenty of children. We are all well aware of the problems that the Sacrament of Marriage faces these days. Marriage is the sacrifice of yourself to God that He might use you to get your beloved to Heaven. Marriage is not about being happy or doing this or that with your life. It's about getting your spouse to Heaven. Period. Anything else is a fraud. We need Catholics who are not afraid to speak up and defend marriage regardless of how much they are putting themselves at risk. Not only is St. Anthony the patron of weddings and everything related thereto, but he is also patron of preachers, making him a doubly important intercessor for the dignity of Marriage in the life-less world in which we find ourselves.

St. Anthony's Tongue
St. Anthony's Jaw
St. Anthony's Skeleton