O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rain Down Fire!

Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra
in Lycea; one of the 318 Council Fathers we celebrate today.
He was expelled from the Council for physically assaulting
Arius in the middle of the church. That's the real Santa Claus
and he's the greatest of the Council Fathers for it
(or at least I say he is-after all he's a saint and Arius isn't).

Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the Council of Nicea (Byzantine Rite)
Sunday after Ascension (Roman Rite)

The Church is crying out, "Give us Thy Love from on high to destroy our sinfulness and sanctify us." The Church is wounded by false teaching today just as much as She was when the notorious heretic Arius was spreading his blasphemous heresy. God always responds to such degradations of His Bride with the Purifying Flame of the Holy Ghost. Hence the appropriateness of the Sunday of the Council Fathers right before Pentecost: when the Church was assaulted by false teaching, God responded by sending the Holy Ghost to defend the Dogmas surrounding the Two Unconfused Natures of Christ. In a day where every aspect of the Catholic Faith is under assault by the Church's internal enemies (not to mention the equally ravenous external enemies) let us pray during this greatest of novenas that Christ send down the Divine Holy Ghost to defend orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Our faith tells us that the Bridegroom will defend His Bride's honor for He is truly Her Bridegroom. He will return Her to correct teaching and traditional practices and not let Her live as the world lives, but instead do the extreme opposite and convert the world, which is Her mission as Christ told us back on Thursday at His Ascension.