O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Friday, May 25, 2012

God Beholds

God knows our predicaments. He knows our situation better than we do. When we see that the enemies of God are attacking us and cry out to Heaven for Divine Succour, God already knows that we need His aid because He beholds the internal and external enemies of the Church attacking us. Whether it be people persecuting us about marriage, or the right to life, or liturgy, or whatever doctrine, be it in our personal lives or as a community, God beholds it all and knows what we need. God knows the perfect solution to the problem, even if we can only come up with an imperfect solution, which is usually the case with us humans. God puts His perfect plan into action when we ask for aid, even is we are asking for that imperfect solution.

The inverse is also true. When we need help and in our arrogant pride refuse to admit it-usually because we have become addicted to our sins and are too puffed up to admit that we are wrong-God beholds our predicament. God will put His perfect solution into action even if we don't ask for it-just because He loves us and can't bear to see us degrade ourselves by arrogantly cleaving to our sins in a self-destructive addiction. God will raise us out of our sins, destroy them as if they never even happened, and elevate us to the dignity for which He created us. We see in this series of events a perfect reflection of Christ. Christ rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven, and then sent the Holy Ghost, who raises us from sin and elevates us to the dignity for which He created us. By the grace of the Holy Ghost, we follow in Christ's footsteps to Heavenly glory. So let us beg the Lord for the Holy Ghost to rain down like fire from above to burn our sins and restore our lives to the condition God intended.