O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pray That Sinners Come Home

Today is Ember Wednesday after Pentecost. It is the first day of summer on the Church calendar. Let us pray that the Holy Ghost come down this summer and inflame sinners with the love of God that they might live the lives God created them to live. If you aren't going to live the life God created you to live, there's no point to your life. Let us pray that the Holy Ghost tightens the loose, bends the rigid, softens the hardened and restores purity to sinners. On these Ember Days, let us especially pray that those whom God created to be priests leave everything to follow Christ just as the apostles left everything. May respond to their sins like Peter and not like Judas.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Burn the Church!

Send us Thy Holy Ghost to illumine our darkness and expose the works of the devil for what they are. Send Thy Divine Fire to show the whole world the truth of Thy Divine Love. Praise and adoration be to the Divine Fire that burns sins and casts their demonic defenders into the nothingness of the abyss! All glory and approbation to the Divine Love that heals wounds, tightens the loose, bends the rigid, and warms the cold! All worship is due to the Divine Holy Ghost that defends Bride of the Divine Bridegroom, the Church built on Peter, purging Her of the corrupt and narcissistic works of man and replacing them with the divine and sacrificial works of the Most High God, which were ordained from all eternity for the salvation of souls and replaced in our time with vain and emotional pleasure seeking mockeries!

Let Us Pray For Our Nation's War Heroes

Today in the US its Memorial Day when we honor the nation's war dead from throughout history. So let us pray for all American soldiers who have ever died in war.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rain Fire From Above!

Come Holy Ghost! Tighten what is loose! Soften what is hard! Bend what is rigid!
Make pure the Bride of the Lord's Anointed One, anointed with Thee!

Being Portuguese, or more specifically, Azorean, I can't pass up mentioning the Portuguese devotion to the Holy Ghost, which I covered here.

A Holy Ghost Procession in the Azores

My Statue of St. Elizabeth and Holy Ghost Flag.
A Holy Ghost Crown.
High Altar where St. Elizabeth is buried at her
shrine in Coimbra, Portugal
It's funny how the Latin Rite color of the Holy Ghost is red and the Byzantine Rite color is green and that they form the colors of the Portuguese flag.

Friday, May 25, 2012

God Beholds

God knows our predicaments. He knows our situation better than we do. When we see that the enemies of God are attacking us and cry out to Heaven for Divine Succour, God already knows that we need His aid because He beholds the internal and external enemies of the Church attacking us. Whether it be people persecuting us about marriage, or the right to life, or liturgy, or whatever doctrine, be it in our personal lives or as a community, God beholds it all and knows what we need. God knows the perfect solution to the problem, even if we can only come up with an imperfect solution, which is usually the case with us humans. God puts His perfect plan into action when we ask for aid, even is we are asking for that imperfect solution.

The inverse is also true. When we need help and in our arrogant pride refuse to admit it-usually because we have become addicted to our sins and are too puffed up to admit that we are wrong-God beholds our predicament. God will put His perfect solution into action even if we don't ask for it-just because He loves us and can't bear to see us degrade ourselves by arrogantly cleaving to our sins in a self-destructive addiction. God will raise us out of our sins, destroy them as if they never even happened, and elevate us to the dignity for which He created us. We see in this series of events a perfect reflection of Christ. Christ rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven, and then sent the Holy Ghost, who raises us from sin and elevates us to the dignity for which He created us. By the grace of the Holy Ghost, we follow in Christ's footsteps to Heavenly glory. So let us beg the Lord for the Holy Ghost to rain down like fire from above to burn our sins and restore our lives to the condition God intended.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rain Down Fire!

Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra
in Lycea; one of the 318 Council Fathers we celebrate today.
He was expelled from the Council for physically assaulting
Arius in the middle of the church. That's the real Santa Claus
and he's the greatest of the Council Fathers for it
(or at least I say he is-after all he's a saint and Arius isn't).

Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the Council of Nicea (Byzantine Rite)
Sunday after Ascension (Roman Rite)

The Church is crying out, "Give us Thy Love from on high to destroy our sinfulness and sanctify us." The Church is wounded by false teaching today just as much as She was when the notorious heretic Arius was spreading his blasphemous heresy. God always responds to such degradations of His Bride with the Purifying Flame of the Holy Ghost. Hence the appropriateness of the Sunday of the Council Fathers right before Pentecost: when the Church was assaulted by false teaching, God responded by sending the Holy Ghost to defend the Dogmas surrounding the Two Unconfused Natures of Christ. In a day where every aspect of the Catholic Faith is under assault by the Church's internal enemies (not to mention the equally ravenous external enemies) let us pray during this greatest of novenas that Christ send down the Divine Holy Ghost to defend orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Our faith tells us that the Bridegroom will defend His Bride's honor for He is truly Her Bridegroom. He will return Her to correct teaching and traditional practices and not let Her live as the world lives, but instead do the extreme opposite and convert the world, which is Her mission as Christ told us back on Thursday at His Ascension.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lift Up Your Gates, O Ye Princes!

By leading lives of sin, we degraded and defiled our humanity. By coming down from Heaven, Christ took our broken and disgusting humanity upon Himself. By rising from the dead, He raised our humanity to purity. By ascending into Heaven, He took our purged humanity into Heaven.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

No I Didn't Forget Mother's Day...

...I just had a very busy day and Ecce Homo Sunday takes precedence around here. But, it is still Mother's Day and this year it coincides with the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima (to use her full name). Very nice coincidence indeed. An even better coincidence was that the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima coincided with the Feast of Ecce Homo for only the third time ever. The second was in 2007-the 90th anniversary of the apparitions. The first was in 1917. That's right-when Our Lady of Fatima appeared for the first time it was at noon local time (11:00 AM in Ponta Delgada), during the Pontifical High Mass on Sunday, May 13, 1917, for the Feast of Ecce Homo. Of course it was Mother's Day that year as well (anytime May 13th falls on a Sunday, it is the second Sunday of May). So today Mother and Son are re-united again, for only the second time since the apparitions. How far into the Mass do you think Our Lady appeared? Could it have been during the consecration? Possibly. I suppose it depends on the length of the homily.

I was sure to give Momma her roses today. For the occasion, here is the Icon of Our Lady of Fatima. It was written in Russia a number of years ago and presented in Fatima at the feast that year. I think we all know why the icon was specifically written in Russia. Pray for the consecration of Russia according to Our Lady's request. Pray for the conversion of not only Russia, but all of Europe as well.

Icon of the Theotokos of the Rosary of Fatima

An interesting note is that the depiction chosen for the icon is that of the June apparition, when she showed her Immaculate Heart. At all the other apparitions she had her hands folded in front of her chest, holding a rosary. Now, since internal organs cannot be depicted in icons (there are very strict rules governing what can be shown in an icon and in what manner and what materials are used and the process of making the icon-called "writing" the icon), an inscription sits in it's place, although the crown of thorns is still present. Needless to say, the icon is labeled in Church Slavonic.

The Bridegroom With No Bride

The Statue of Ecce Homo in Procession
Ecce Homo Sunday - I Class

In the rest of the Latin Rite, today is the V Sunday after Easter, but on this blog, we are celebrating our titular feast. You can read the story of our titular devotion, as well as see pictures and video using the links in the blog's header.

Today we celebrate the Bridegroom with no Bride. He offers Himself for the sake of His Bride the Church, that the Father might use Him to sanctify His Bride, but His Bride is no where to be found. He goes to the Altar of the Cross alone, abandoned, and rejected. She has run away into a life of sin and emotional pleasure. The Nymphios (Bridegroom) has been abandoned by His Bride. Even Peter himself has denied Christ three times. It is Her sins that pierce Him like a thousand needles on His Head. His scepter, His symbol of authority over Her, as Her Head, is become a symbol of mockery and rejection. However, the more His torture pierces Him, the more He persists in His sacrifice.

This is a radical contradiction to the way the world "loves". She hurts Him with her life of sin, living as if He doesn't even exist, but He does not give up on Her or run away with someone else or whatever. He responds to Her actions against Him by sacrificing Himself for Her conversion. "Instead of making me a return of love, they detracted me: but I gave myself to prayer." (Ps 108:4) When She loves Him least, that is when He must love Her most. She made Herself His enemy, so He came down from Heaven and declared, "Love your enemies". (Mt 5:44) Love is relentless. Love does not count the cost. Love will not stop until the beloved is in Heaven and it does not matter how hard or impossible of a task that is, or how many people or who is against you, or how much you have to destroy yourself-the beloved is going to Heaven and that's all there is to it. "Put me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy as hard as hell, the lamps thereof are fire and flames. Many waters cannot quench charity, neither can the floods drown it: if a man should give all the substance of his house for love, he shall despise it as nothing." (Cant. 8:6-7)

Christ gave Himself through complete mockery and complete rejection and complete torture to clean His Bride of Her sins and bring Her back as His lost sheep. The dead are not supposed to come back to life. Death is forever. Once you're dead; you're dead and that's all there is to it. Christ is risen from the dead, conquering death by death and to those in the tombs bestowing life. The Bride is only living Her life insofar as She is living in the Bridegroom, for He is Life. (Jn 14:6) When Life Himself passed through death, He destroyed death. Love destroys everything contrary to itself because it does not relent and is obsessed with saving the beloved-even to the point of complete sacrifice of self to accomplish the task. Christ is so obsessed with getting His Bride to Heaven, that He gives His Very Self to be used to sanctify Her and gives Her His Very Body, which She receives in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the intimacy between Christ and His Bride. The Eucharist is the Sacrifice of Calvary, the sacrifice of the Bridegroom for His Bride, and when She receives Him in the Eucharist and receives life from Life Himself, that is when the sacrifice is worth it. It's all about Her. It's all about getting Her into the deepest recesses of His Heart unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Bridegroom Is Struck On The Face

Christ the Nymphios (Bridegroom)
Christ sacrificed Himself to the Father on the Cross that the Father might use Him to sanctify His Bride, the Church. Bridgrooms and brides imitate Christ through the Sacrament of Matrimony, which is a sacrifice of yourself to God that He might use you to bring your beloved to Heaven. God uses each one to sanctify the other and uses their union as an environment to create new life.

The world hates this as this is fundamentally opposed to the base pleasures that the world exalts and is so passionate about. Christ warned us, "If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you." (Jn 15:18). Christ was hated, slapped, spat upon, yelled at, and insulted while He gave Himself for His Bride and everyone around Him was against Him.

Dear Leader Obama has viciously attacked Christ and the Church by invoking this same sacrifice as a justification for the sins it destroys:
“This is something that, you know, [Michelle and I have] talked about over the years and she, you know, she feels the same way, she feels the same way that I do. And that is that, in the end the values that I care most deeply about and she cares most deeply about is how we treat other people and, you know, I, you know, we are both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others but, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is, not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated…”
This is so diametrically opposed to what Christ said and did that it boggles the mind. You need to drink alot  of Kool-aid to believe this-either that or be so naive about Christianity that you don't know even it's most basic teachings. Does the President think that the nation is this stupid that he seriously expects people to believe this? Not only is he directly attacking Christ with demonic viciousness-and the Church with Him-but he's also insulting the intelligence of his country.

The notion that "Christ accepts us as we are" contradicts Christ's command to convert the nations. The very reason why Christ died was because He loves us and can't stand the lives we live and wants better for us. Christ came to convert us; not accept us as we are. Remember that last sentence. Spread it around the internet. Fr. Z has been going on alot lately about social networks, go and spread that line. Christ's sacrifice on the cross is a life-giving union with His Bride. Christ gives everything of Himself to His Bride, even His Very Body, which She receives in the Eucharist, their intimacy together. Likewise, marriage is a life-giving union, designed specifically from all ages to be that way. Before the Crucifixion, marriage was a prefigurement of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross and afterwards it's an echo and imitation of the same, not only transmitting physical life, but spiritual life as well since it is a Sacrament of the Church.

As for invoking the Golden Rule, the only reason for supporting someone's sin and descent into Hell is if you want to go there yourself. It makes no logical sense-unless you really are that dumb. Perhaps Dear Leader expects America to be as dumb as he is...