O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How Couples Should Act

The Nymphios (Bridegroom)
Divine Bridegroom and Lover of mankind, conform couples to Thy Love for the Church, Thy Beloved Bride. As Thou didst sacrifice Thyself to the Father to conform Thy Bride to Him, so too may couples sacrifice themselves to Thee to conform each other to Thee. May their flesh conform each other to Thee as Thy Sacred Flesh dost conform Thy Beloved Church to the Father. May men be the perfect image of Thee, sacrificing themselves without shying away from any suffering to reconcile their brides with Thee as Thou didst go silently as a sheep to the slaughter to reconcile Thy Church with the Father. May women be the image of the Church, not imitating Her internal corruption, but the holy virtue with which Thou didst endow Thy Church, in order to support their bridegrooms in their sufferings and care for their bridegroom's children as Thy Church dost offer Herself to Thee to support Thee in Thy life-giving suffering and dost care for Thy children as Our Holy Mother. May this love of Thine pierce through even the darkest and most massive lives of sin, destroying the death of sin by death in Thee, to show forth Thy glory through the ages of ages. Amen