O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Church's Wedding Day

Love holds nothing back. Love consumes the lover as a whole. Love makes the lover demand that he be immolated, sacrificed, and given for the sake of the beloved, that he be used by God to sanctify and take care of the beloved unto life everlasting. The lover is so consumed by love and so obsessed with the salvation of the beloved that he wants to be the only source of nourishment for his bride, be sacrificed to a sufficient degree to care for her. Likewise, he wants to be nourished only through her, so much does he want to see her joined to God.

It is with this love that Christ the Bridegroom loves His Bride the Church and does so perfectly, as the Perfect Bridegroom, the model and exemplar for all spouses. The more a marriage resembles the union between Christ and the Church, the healthier it is. The less it resembles the union between Christ and the Church, the more unhealthy it is. Today is the day Christ gives everything to the Father for the sake of His Bride. His Heart broken by a lance, He gives His entire Self to her, even His Very Body, which She receives in the Eucharist. In Nazareth at the Annunciation, Christ took flesh, betrothing Himself to the Church. Today, the Nymphios weds the Church and consummates His union with Her on the cross through the Eucharist.