O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rejoicing With Our Bridegroom

Christ the Nymphios (Bridgroom), Titular of this blog

IV Sunday of Lent - I Class

The Greeks celebrated Mid-Lent this past Wednesday. We Latins celebrate the same today, calling it Laetare Sunday, after the Mass of the day. Every Sunday we celebrate a weekly mini-Easter. At the half-way point of Lent, we do so in a more important way due to our fasting, taking a day to become joyful because we look upon our progress and how much closer we are to our goal.

The relationship between Mid-Lent and Easter is much like the relationship between receiving Communion and going to Heaven. In Heaven we are perfectly united with Christ the Bridegroom and see Him as He truly is. In the Eucharist, we have the same intimacy, but on a much lower level, according to the capacity of our mortal and feeble humanity. At Easter we celebrate the Resurrection in all its glory. At Mid-Lent we celebrate the same on a lower level, according to the capacity of our Lenten Fast. So today we are in a condition like unto receiving Holy Communion, the intimacy between Christ and His Bride. At Easter, we are in a condition like unto Heaven, Bridegroom and Bride together forever, Marriage having accomplished its end.

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