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Friday, March 2, 2012

Re-Learning What Marriage Even Is In the First Place

 An Eastern Wedding Crown. This one (with
its icon of the Theotokos) is for the bride.
The bridegroom's crown has an icon of Christ.

Marriage is not about emotion-sodomites do that too. Marriage is not about making an agreement to take care of each other for the rest of your lives-sodomites do that too. Marriage is not about procreation-people do that outside marriage. Marriage is about sacrificing yourself to God so He can use you to get your beloved to Heaven. That cannot be accomplished unless you give yourself to God to live as He created you to live instead of living the way you want to live. When we pretend that marriage is something it isn't, that opens the door for sodomy and every manner of immorality to be tolerated as if it were good. The marriage debate isn't about who is allowed to marry who but rather what marriage even is to begin with. Marriage is a Divine Institution, a Sacrament, not a human institution. Marriage is not about making people happy, but about getting people to Heaven. Pray that God raises up saints to defend this truth of the Catholic Faith.