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Monday, February 6, 2012

With Zeal, Everything can be Repaired!

Over at Salvem a Liturgia! there is a piece about an altar missal from 1818 (yes, 1818!) that he fixed up.

Here's the before picture...

...and here's the after:

The cover is plainer than the original (the design isn't clear on the original but it's still there), but the conversion is amazing. It's hard to accurately describe just how radical of a change this is. It looks brand new. Even though the pages are still the original, they are in far better condition.

Now, my immediate reaction was "God does the same thing with souls." God takes sinners in the most destroyed and blackened condition and changes them into the most pure saints who are whiter than snow. He takes the people the most separated from Him and joins them the most intimately to Himself. He purifies the sinner as if she had never sinned, such that if anyone defends the sins of her past, they are delusional because they are defending something that not exist. They are merely "beating the air". On the other hand, the one who prayed for her conversion while she was still that most filthy sinner, claiming that she could be the purest saint was never at any point delusional or "beating the air", as St. Paul said in yesterday's Epistle (1 Cor 9:26), just like the one who claimed that this missal could change from the before picture to the after picture was not delusional.

The missal is now ready to be used as if it never fell out of use or into disrepair, just as long as the priest remembers to mention St. Joseph in the Canon.