O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love Does Not Relent

First Sunday of Lent - I Class
Christ came into the world to save sinners; to give Himself in sacrifice for the sanctification of sinners. He is so consumed by and obsessed with getting sinners to Heaven that with no regard whatsoever for His own well being or even His place in Heaven (Phil 2:6), He endures every pain and ignores every temptation from the devil and the world to stop or do things differently as part of His Self-sacrifice unto the remission of sin. All throughout His passion, from the garden to Calvary, Christ was tempted to give up or speak out. He refused to stop. He refused to speak up and make His case that He was right. The Divine Bridegroom is so obsessed with getting sinners to Heaven that He suicidally gives Himself to the Father, enduring all the pain and hatred as a penance to increase His sacrifice unto the remission of the sins causing that same pain in order to get His Beloved Bride the Church to Heaven. He renews this sacrifice daily on the altar, that He may always be offering Himself for His Bride and always giving Himself to Her in their intimacy of the Eucharist, enduring every sacrilege in the Church as a penance to increase His sacrifice unto the remission of the same sacrileges. So relentless is love.

Love refuses to be satisfied by anything other the union of the beloved with God and the lover is so consumed by the relentless desire to make that happen that he willingly and without hesitation destroys himself to make that happen. He doesn't care if he undergoes the greatest and worst destruction; he wants his beloved in Heaven and he will not relent. Love really does not count the cost. The lover is so obsessed with getting the beloved to Heaven that he wants to destroy himself to make it happen. When the devil and the whole world try to convince him otherwise, he refuses to be convinced by them, and turning the other cheek to them, he endures their persecution as a penance to increase his sacrifice for his beloved and continues to give himself to God for the beloved's sanctification. So much is he consumed by the desire to sanctify her that he wants to be reviled to offer up an always more perfect sacrifice unto the remission of her sins.

Zelus domus tuae comedit me.
Zeal for thy house hath consumed me.
-Ps 68:10