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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What a Good Priest Does as the Ship Goes Down

From the Catholic Herald via iPadre:
“A Catholic chaplain aboard the sinking Costa Concordia rushed to consume the Eucharist in an attempt to protect it as the cruise liner began to sink on Friday night.

Fr Rafaeli Mallena, 70, described his ordeal to Fr Giacomo Martino, director of the Apostolate of the Sea for the Italian bishops’ conference.

He said as he realised the ship was in serious peril he had two things at the forefront of his mind: protecting the valuables, which the staff had entrusted to him, and protecting the Blessed Sacrament.”
In the Byzantine Rite of Ordination, shortly before Communion, the Bishop takes a Lamb (Host) and gives it to the newly ordained saying, "Take this gage, and guard it until the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, when you are going to be asked for it back by Him." The priest then returns to his place with the Lamb and says "Lord have mercy" and Psalm 50 in full. He then gives the Lamb back and not long thereafter, when the clergy receive Communion, he receives first.