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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Lesson About Marriage

Giotto, The Wedding Feast at Cana, 1304-1306, Capella degli Scrovegni, Padua.
II Sunday after Epiphany - II Class

I find it hilarious that Giotto decided to make the head-waiter so fat. I'm curious as to who the guy with the white beard is, since he has a halo, but there aren't any holy characters in this story other than Our Lord & Our Lady. One of the apostles perhaps?

Anyway, this event teaches us (amidst many other lessons) that Our Lord will always provide for couples during hard times, no matter how outwardly humiliating the situation might be. They just need to let Him be in charge and decide what will happen to them; to "do whatever He tells them", instead of trying to fix it themselves on their own efforts.