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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A General Keeping His Commanders in Line

From RCTV, comes (very welcome) news that Abp. Nienstedt of St. Paul-Minneapolis has threatened to suspend any priest or deacon of his archdiocese that dissents from Church Teaching on homosexuality in the lead-up to a vote on a constitutional amendment in the state of Minnesota defining marriage as between one man and one woman-and Abp. Nienstedt has always been one of the greatest champions for this amendment. It is always a great scandal when any cleric publicly opposes Church teaching and such disobedience in the run-up to such a critical vote would have devastating effects for the Church. We need priests to be brave and defend the Catholic Faith in the face of persecution. We need bishops to defend such priests and knock the disobedient leftist priests back into line (not create scandal themselves by doing the reverse). Abp. Nienstedt is certainly setting an excellent example for his brother bishops by enduring individual persecution for years for his support Church Teaching on marriage in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. He has made himself one of the model bishops in the US just on his handling of this issue. Let us pray that he continues his work and that God strengthens other bishops to likewise defend Church Teaching from the wolves in their dioceses.