O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

God Laughs at Your Impossibility

XVIII Sunday after Pentecost - II Class
Epistle: I Cor. 1:4-8 [The grace of God in us]
Gospel: Matthew 9:1-8 [Healing of a man with the palsy]

When we look at our neighbor, whom we are commanded to love, most of the time that neighbor is a grave sinner who does not consider God and isn't the slightest bit interested in Him. Now, we know that said person was created by God for a certain purpose, to know, love, and serve Him, and that this person was given a specific vocation. God ordered her to live a certain way in the Church, but she ran off into sin. She established her name as a horrible sinner and lived her whole life in sin. She degraded herself from the masterpiece of the Divine Artist to an object of passing pleasure.

Now, she still was created by God, still is meant to know, love, and serve God, still has her vocation (albeit long ignored). She still is God's creation and designed for a certain purpose. However, it seems impossible, ridiculous, and delusional to think that she can ever fulfill that purpose. You can't even say that-at least not to the people that know her. They defend her sin. They rebel against God by saying that if she wants to sin, she must be allowed to sin in peace and that it is wrong to stop her. Lying, they call her sin "good": "She is a sinner, she always was a sinner, and she always will be a sinner, because that is what she has chosen for her life, that is how she has built her life, and we need to respect her sins because sin isn't even a bad thing at all. Anyone who goes against her sins is intolerant of the legitimate path she has chosen and narrow-mindedly calls it sin. They are trying to force her into their own mold for her, delusionally thinking that she is someone she's not. The idea that she could be pure, pious, and devout, is absurd and goes against who she is. That's not her. You don't know her life so stop acting like you do."

It is then that God shouts, "ENOUGH! She is my creation! I created her to know, love, and serve Me! I am calling her to live a certain way and she degrades herself into sin, contrary to the purpose for which I created her!" The same way that God can easily heal a man paralyzed with the palsy and forgive his sins, whom the world says that there is no cure and that this is punishment for sins that none can forgive, so too He can heal a sinner and forgive her sins, for no word shall be impossible for God.