O Lord Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Raising Sinners from the Dead

XV Sunday after Pentecost - II Class
EpsitleGal. 5:25,26; 6:1-10 [If we live in the Spirit, we shall be guided by the Holy Ghost.]
GospelLk. 7:11-16 [Raising of the Son of the Widow of Naim]

Because the world and the Church are so filled with sin, us faithful Catholics spend much time praying for the conversion of the unfaithful Catholics (or at least we should be). We all have friends and family who are living lives of horrible sin. God created them with a great dignity and beauty but they degrade themselves to objects of pleasure and surround themselves with empty pleasure. After all, everyone says it's good, society says it's good and you can't go against it because then you're "uptight" or "intolerant". However, we know better. We know that all this goodness, is just a veneer on the outside to make sins look attractive. God created our loved ones (and ourselves too) to share in His beauty and His life, which continues forever and is the beauty for which.we were designed. But they all (and us too sometimes) turned away from that in favor of passing pleasure, an artificial beauty that rots away and leads only to Hell as it is a rejection of God in favor of ideas made up by man.

We can contemplate God's plan, His Majesty and our Divinely created beauty and see just how wrong they are and how much better they should be. But instead they degrade themselves and live a lie. They act as if these ideas made up by man are true and as if Divine Truth were a delusion. We see the truth but there is no way we could ever convince them of the truth. There is nothing we could ever say that will convince them to clean up there live and stop degrading themselves in sin the same way that there is no way that the widow or anyone else in Naim could raise up the young man from the dead. He was dead and that was it. There was no bringing him back. In the same way, sinners are dead in sin and they are gone, they have moved on, and they don't want us in their lives because we condemn the sins they love so dearly and try to force our opinions on them as if they were from God. They are gone forever and there is no bringing them back. At least that is what we are told by the world, which serves Satan alone. God tells us the opposite. He can raise sinners from the dead the same way he rose the son of the widow of Naim. He can convince sinners to return when no one else can. So let us stay close to Christ where it is safe. Let us trust in Him and give our loved ones to Him that He might draw them close to Himself and purify them.