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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pics: Pontifical Low Mass with Cardinal Arinze

Earlier today, I had the privilege of being at Holy Name Church in Providence, RI (which consequently is where I go to Mass most weeks) for a Pontifical Low Mass celebrated by Cardinal Arinze for the feast of St. Wenceslaus on the occasion of his visit to the parish and the diocese. Mass was "from the throne" (being a cardinal, he can do so anywhere outside Rome), even though he didn't actually go to it because it was a Low Mass. Only the priests serving as deacons of the throne went there. This was the first time that His Eminence has offered the Traditional Mass. The assistance of several priests serving as archpriest and deacons of the throne kept his mistakes to a minimum (being a Low Mass, they were simply in cassock and surplice). I think many a priest wishes he could have had an assistant priest helping him the first few times he offered the Tridentine Mass because then he would have made far fewer mistakes. Being a prelate has its advantages. Personally, I think that if a priest is new to the Traditional Mass (even if he has been ordained for some time) he should be allowed an archpriest for his first few Masses as if he was a newly ordained priest.

In his homily, Cd. Arinze juxtaposed St. Wenceslaus with modern day government leaders. St. Wenceslaus was Duke of Bohemia and lived from 907-935. He was highly devout, assisting at Mass daily and even prayed the Divine Office daily. He was also devoted to giving alms and made a point to take care of the poor. His brother hated him for ruling this way, so he killed him and made himself duke. So St. Wenceslaus was killed by his own brother at the age of 28. St. Wenceslaus put his faith on display in every part of his life. His Eminence went on to say that St. Wenceslaus is a role model for us in that we must put our faith on display always, in every part of our life. He said we are not Christians just one hour a week on Sunday morning. We need to put our faith on display at home, taking care of the family. We need to put our faith on display when we go to work, whether we are blue collar workers or Senators in Washington. No one can say that "I am a Catholic, but..." and then tolerate some position contrary to the faith. That is hypocrisy. Such a person is not practicing the faith. Practicing the faith means practicing the faith always, even when serving in the government. It reminded me of his statement here.

Now the part you all want to see, the pictures:

Wide-shot of the Sanctuary before Mass

Close-up of the altar. Notice how the crucifix has a
pontifical candle built into it for just such an occasion. 

Prayers at the Foot of the Altar 


Kyrie and Gloria


Gospel. Notice the bugia was used.


Deacons of the Throne during the homily.




Elevation of the Sacred Host

Elevation of the Precious Blood

Domine Non Sum Dignus


Communion Verse

Dominus Vobiscum

Final Blessing

Last Gospel

Leonine Prayers



His Emminence blesses some Brides of Christ after Mass